What is Whatsapp?

WhatsApp was created in 2009 by two former employees of the American company Yahoo. The initial version of the app did not contain many features.In 2014, it was bought by Meta for $16 billion. This social network is used to send messages, photos, videos or voice messages. It also allows you to make video and voice calls. To communicate via Whatsapp Internet connection via Wi-Fi or mobile data is required.

Thanks to its simplicity, ease of access and simple features , it currently has more than 2 billion active users.

Basic WhatsApp features

  • Voice and video calls: In addition to voice calls, WhatsApp also offers video calls, including a group feature that allows up to eight participants in a single call.
  • Voice messages: in addition to traditional text messages, you can send voice messages to private or group chats.
  • Secure online communication: the platform uses secure end-to-end encryption, which means that messages can only be read by the people communicating with each other and cannot be intercepted.
  • Photo and video sharing: share photos, videos and Gifs without compromising the quality of your videos and photos. Whatsapp also allows users to download sent or received photos and videos to their devices.
  • Document sharing: the platform allows you to share documents, for example PDFs, which will be displayed in full on the user’s device.
  • Desktop access: the app offers versions for desktop computers, whether Windows or MacOs.
  • Whatsapp Business: used for communication from the Business to customers. This service helps companies create support for their customers (customer support)

Features that make WhatsApp special

The communication platform that provides calling and typing online became popular because of the features it had first and were unique in the chatting field. Before Meta applied improvements to its other applications, most of them were developed on this platform.These features include:

Disappearing messages in chat

Users who like privacy will appreciate this addition, because if you turn on the disappearing messages feature in the app’s settings, they’ll automatically be deleted seven days after they’re sent. The only way to immortalize these messages forever is to take a screenshot of them while they still exist.

Format your messages according to the font you like

Detailers and people with a flair for the creative will find themselves in this feature. In addition to classic messages with predefined font style and size, you can change the font style and font in WhatsApp. It’s also useful for people who want to post an announcement in a group where more people are posting. The change in font style from the classic one catches the eye more than the classic font.

Message encryption for security

WhatsApp is also known for its security when sending messages. End-to-end message encryption allows only the sender and receiver to see the messages and no one in between. Even the developers themselves can’t see what the person in question is writing to the other person. That makes this app even more special.

No ads and it’s completely free

Even though WhatsApp is used by over two billion active users, there are no ads on the app. This gives users the feeling that this app is personal. And for Meta, it’s the perfect tool to test innovations and upgrades in chat. WhatsApp provides free communication, you just need to have a fixed internet connection, either Wi-Fi or mobile data.

How to sign up and start using Whatsapp?

1. Download the app and open it. Appstore or the Play Store. Then open the app by clicking the WhatsApp icon on your device’s home screen.

2. Read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. To accept the Terms and Conditions, click on I Agree and Continue.

3. Register: The first thing you need to do is choose your country of origin, which will automatically select your phone number area code. After entering yours without the 0 at the beginning, click done. When you click on this field, you should receive a six-digit registration code. After entering this code you will successfully complete the registration

4. Set up your profile: Once you have registered, you need to create your own profile. You need to fill in your name and you can also choose your profile picture on this platform.

5. Allow access to contacts and photos: You can add contacts from your mobile phone address book to WhatsApp. You can also allow access to photos, videos and files on your phone.

6. Start chatting: Click the new chat icon or search for a contact. Write them the first message. Their profile will be saved in your chat database, which will be displayed directly when you open the app.

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