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How to Brainstorm Hundreds of Great Content Ideas

Have you ever wondered how much content is uploaded to the internet every 60 seconds? A lot! Approximately 400 hours of YouTube videos, over 1200 WordPress posts, more than 3 million Facebook posts, and almost half a million tweets. I guess you got the picture. In this saturated environment, you must create content that will be interesting to your audience. And yes, you also need to ensure that your prospects will actually find your content in the crowded waters of the internet.

In this blog post, we will talk about how you can brainstorm ideas for your content. In case you skipped the article 4 Steps Towards a Solid Content Plan, you should also have a look at it. You will learn how to create topics and how to be strategic with your content activities.

Go where your audience is

You find the best ideas when you look at forums, groups, and social networks where your target audience interacts. They have some problems and they are looking for the answers. Be a hero, help them. Create a blog post, video or some other type of content and give them what they are looking for. It’s that easy.

Break down the other articles

Have a look at blog posts on websites with a similar focus as yours. Good blog posts should have sub-headlines for easier orientation. Take one of those and create an entire piece of content just about this particular part. For example, you read a great article on the different ways to travel for free around the world. Each of those ways is a perfect topic for another independent article and even those may be broken down into more articles.

Make a mindmap

Yep, good old mindmaps are excellent for brainstorming ideas. Think about your target group and their interests, problems, etc. Think about at least 10 ideas for each of them. If they have 5 main interests or problems, you’ve just created 50 ideas for blog posts.

The other way to use mindmaps is to think about your product. Let’s say you’re selling mobile phones. What type of content can you create? Tutorials, FAQ, blog posts about apps, trends, tips and tricks, tests, and comparisons with other products etc. Now create 10 blog post ideas for each of them. You’ve just created 70 new ideas.

Try out Google Alerts

Let’s say you have a business that focuses on travel. Add travel as a keyword to Google Alerts and every day, you will receive a list of the most popular headlines matching your keywords. You don’t need to spend too much time going through every single one but you can skim through them and see if you like something you could use.

Ask Buzzsumo or Topsy for advice

How does it work? You have a topic and you need ideas. Through Buzzsumo, Topsy or similar tools, you will get a list of the most shared articles matching your keywords. Now you have some idea about the actual trends and types of articles people like to share. Don’t copy, use it as an inspiration.

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