Domain authority

Domain Authority

Domain authority is a score developed by a company called Moz. We use their analytic tools to achieve better results and to monitor the results of online campaigns, results of online web searches or the condition of the web.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority predicts the power of a web and also how an e-shop can rank in online web searches. It can be monitored through the Open Site Explorer. It is best to compare your web with your competition so you can see whether or not your web is competitive online.
Domain Authority has over 40 various signals and a large number of backlinks which react to the Google algorithm. They are summarized in a number from 1 to 100, which is simply used to rate your web on a global scale.

Use of Domain Authority for SEO

When gaining backlinks, we can use Domain Authority to review the strength of the web that we would like to link back to our page. Like this, we will easily know whether or not it’s profitable to try and gain a backlink on such a web. This is also true with various kinds of estimates (web visits, sales, search result strength), cooperation when sharing various types of content, and the quality of optimization of the web for the user or the search engine.

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