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Links to external services

Integrations and links of the e-shop for rent to many external services and applications (payment gateways, shipping and payment methods and many more) are ready for you in every Midasto service package.

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Features of the e-shop for rent

With an e-shop with us, you get a lot of useful features in the subscription price, which not only make it easier to operate the e-shop and manage orders or inventory, but also think about effective marketing and SEO.

Easy administration
Intuitive and clear control of the e-shop will save you time and money. Managing products, inventory, publishing articles or editing banners are easy in Midasto and can be done by anyone.
Multilingualism and multiculturalism
Expand into foreign markets with us easily and without high costs. In the common administration you can manage your e-shop with multiple languages and prices in different currencies.
Thanks to the multi-domain feature, you can manage content or process orders for multiple e-shop domains in one administration at the same time. This will give you a better overview of the performance of e-shops and save you a lot of time and costs.
Integrations and links to external services
Take advantage of the links to the most widely used payment gateways, transport systems or other external services available in Midasto service packages at no additional cost. You can set them up easily, even without the help of a programmer.
SEO and marketing
The e-shop on the Midasto platform is ready for effective SEO and marketing. Improve search engine optimization and use marketing features to increase sales.
Import and export of data
Importing products from your suppliers and data from the original e-shop or exporting to third parties such as Facebook, Google, Heureka or are commonplace on the Midasto platform. This is a one-off service that is not part of a subscription package.
Additional services and support
Need help with setting up your e-shop or marketing? You can take advantage of 2 hours of free consultation or we will be happy to help you with additional services.
Free system update
Regular system updates as well as new e-shop features are available automatically and at no additional cost.
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e-shop design customization options

You can choose from among our professionally prepared responsive templates.

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Responsive templates

Custom arrangement of blocks

Easy banner management

Possibility to edit custom CSS styles

Possibility of customising the design

This is also how your e-shop can look like

Join the many satisfied online shop operators on our platform. Pre-set responsive templates are available or use the additional service of custom design.



Vladimír Kurek

We moved the existing e-shop to the Midasto platform. The way of communication and the overall approach is very professional. They do professional work at a high level, we can agree on everything and discuss any problem or request. They pay great attention to detail and at the same time work very quickly. Overall, this is the best company we have ever worked with.

Frequently asked questions

The rental e-shop is available to you during the duration of the subscription you have chosen. You can subscribe to your e-shop for a quarter, six months or a year in advance. With an annual subscription, you save up to 15% of the price. The rental of the e-shop will end when the rental period expires, unless you extend it again. It is free of strings and hidden fees.

On the market you will find many e-commerce platforms for setting up an e-shop for rent. Each of them has its strengths and weaknesses, so it’s a good idea to consider which one is the most beneficial for you. The Midasto platform has, among many other benefits, functions such as multilingualism, multicurrency and multidomain, which are part of the Business package and above. In one e-shop administration, you can offer products in different languages, currencies and even on different domains. You can expand to foreign markets practically immediately.

Another good reason to choose us is that we speak your language and try to find the best solutions for your business together. The success of our clients is also our success. In addition to the development of e-shops, we are dedicated to complex marketing, which is why, together with a reliable supplier of software e-commerce solutions, you will also get a partner for effective marketing that you can always rely on.

Midasto is your gateway to the world of e-shops and online business. This platform is suitable both for new entrepreneurs and for existing e-shops that are not satisfied with their current platform or are looking for a more advantageous solution. The e-shop for rent has low entry costs, thanks to which you can bounce back faster. The choice of a suitable solution should therefore not be underestimated.

You can test the Midasto e-shop for a period of 30 days after its activation without any obligations or commitments. If you decide to use the Midasto e-shop on your own domain, you can of course end the test period earlier, or continue setting up the e-shop for the duration of the subscription.

The first step to switch to live operation is to select and pay for a subscription service package in the Midasto account section directly in the e-shop administration. We will then send you information on how to proceed. After making the necessary settings at the provider, the domain switch will be carried out without delay, but no later than within 48 hours on working days in case of your full cooperation.

The price of the e-shop for rent depends on the selected service package and the length of the subscription. All the necessary information is available on our website in the Price List section. You get a 10% discount when subscribing to a package for 6 months, and up to a 15% discount when you buy an annual package of Midasto services.

If you do not yet own a domain, we will be happy to advise you on how to proceed with its purchase or help you with its purchase. It is important that you are its owner. If you use the domain, but you are not its owner, it is good to settle this ownership so that there are no complications in the future.

Hosting of your e-shop is included in the price of the Midasto service package. During the operation of the e-shop, additional expenses for hosting are waived. However, the price of the Midasto package does not include the registration fee for operating the domain, which you pay separately as the owner.

If you have an established e-shop and would like to move it to the Midasto platform, we will be happy to help you with this. Migration of the e-shop is charged according to the price list, which can be found in the Additional services section.

If you decide on a different template during the operation of your e-shop on the Midasto platform, you can easily change it in the e-shop administration. However, each template works slightly differently, so it’s likely that visual adjustments to banners, colors, etc. will be required after switching templates.

The design of the e-shop template can be modified, the order of sections on the main page can be changed or the system colors can be changed. In addition, editing of CSS styles is also possible. If you are interested in the overall design of the customized e-shop, such adjustments belong to additional services that are charged individually.

It is possible to modify the current template or implement a custom template design. If you are interested, you will need your own design, which must be consulted with our team in advance. Our graphic designers can also prepare your own customized design according to your wishes. If the design also includes customized functions, we recommend a customized e-shop.

Your e-shop is ready for expansion to foreign markets, which is why you can easily operate an e-shop in other countries as well. This feature is available for Business packages and above. You can find more information in the Functions section.

The Midasto system has its own integrated warehouse system, but it is also possible to connect to external warehouse software such as Pohoda, Money, etc. Connecting the e-shop to the warehouse software is a custom function. We implement it for e-shops from the Business package. The price is individual according to the complexity of the connection. If you are interested, we will prepare a price offer.